The Leatherpreneur (also referred to as “TL”, “TheLeatherpreneur”, “We”, “Our”, and “Us” throughout this document) is a Bags/leather accessories design and manufacture business dedicated to giving you the best of craft contents while protecting all personal and business information shared with us. By using this website, you consent to these Terms and Conditions which apply to all contents you access on this website. Please review this document periodically as we may revise them anytime without notice.

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PRODUCTS: Two categories of products are available for purchase on this website: digital products and physical products. While all digital products are available for purchase by anyone globally, all physical products at this time are exclusively sold and shipped within Nigeria. This means physical products can only be bought by anyone resident within Nigeria. Upon purchase of any digital product, you will immediately be able to download or access its contents in your account, and an email with links to your purchase will be sent to you. All digital products are always available unless there is an error with accessing your account or your downloads. All physical products will be available based on inventory and quantity in stock. Details on this will be clearly indicated in the information section of each product.

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