Planning to begin your journey into the world of bag-making? Here is a few important tips that will help you move through every step of your journey with ease. I have NINE tips to share with you, but I have divided this post to three short parts to make it easier to quickly read through at your free time. If you want to read up on all nine tips, make sure to click on the links after this post to check out the second and third parts. Now, let’s begin!

So, you’ve had a peak into bag making world and you have now gained the courage to put in more dedication to grow your passion and make something great/beautiful out of it. That’s great, as I have a few pointers for you on what you really should do at this point. 

  1. Choose Your Medium: first thing you should know is that the bag making industry is very diverse, and it is best to start by discovering what is most easy for you to work with. I advise you make your choice based on what you readily have access to at the time of starting out. In recent times, bags are being made with so many materials like fabric, canvas, vinyl, leatherette, real leather, fruit leather, cork, plastic, 3D print, etc. Proper use and manipulation of each type of material comes with a learning curve ranging from crafting techniques to tools, machine use, sourcing, related notions and accessories, industry trends and practice, styling, stitching, and so on. These may all sound basic, but they contribute a lot towards the quality of your finished projects. As a bag maker choosing to work with cotton and light weight fabric for instance, you may just need to master the use of a domestic machine to achieve beautiful works. But this will not be the case of one who decides to work with heavy-weight leather, as they will need to master the use of heavy duty machines to get the best result.
  2. Choose Your Niche: Right at the point of choosing your medium, you need to choose your niche! This is going to help you a lot in gaining focus and developing your brand faster. What is a niche? This is the position you find very suitable for you, such that it fits your plans, finances, capabilities, social circle, location, environment, creative prowess, etc. Let’s assume you are a student in a higher institution interested in bag-making, a perfect niche for you would be Utility Bags. Projects under this niche will include Back-packs, carrier totes, mini bags, and laptop bags.
  3. Learn your craft: This is the part where I would say it’s easier said than done. Learning bag making would involve your time and some finance. It would involve some mental work, your dedication and your passion. It is the basis of your success in this field, regardless of whether you succeed in achieving the other factors listed out here. What you need to do is register for one or two bag making or sewing courses. There are so many of these available offline and online, but it is advised to learn from experts with established works. Check out their works and get access to any of their courses if available. At this point, choose the best mentor regardless of the cost attached. In the end, nothing can beat acquiring superb craftsmanship forever.

With these first tips, I hope you have gotten some basic facts that are just enough for you to give your plan a better direction to fulfilment. Stay with us for the next few tips to starting your journey as a bag maker.

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